I suspect that the new install will put MOM back but in a form suitable for the existing ATI card. It may be that your install of the new card went wrong with a weak install sscript from ATI that didn't replace the MOM utility.

Of course, I'm guessing and it all be aload of bollox. But it doesn't matter. I'd prefer you to uninstall your graphics card and drivers; switch on and do a clean install without any of the baggage being carried right now.

ok damn xp,

safe mode is nothing like waht i am used to in win98.

all i get is a <boot menu>

with the following:
<hard disk>
<cd rom>

got me lost completely



Hard Disk. You're booting as normal except putting it into Safe Mode so that you can work with basic VGA which your card delivers without special drivers.

wow they call this advanced technology, not user friendly is it XP?

ok under the heading <hard disk> in boot menu

there are 2 options:
<1st SATA-M: ST3200827AS>

which one takes us to safe mode? we did try <1st sata etc.,.etc.,.> and that just booted us to the desk top.



You should have had an option at F8 to boot in Safe Mode. There would have been a Boot Normal in the list as well.

Did you hit the F8 key at the right point? You can do it a couple of times while the BIOS screen is displayed.

no nothing like that happens suspisho,

no matter when we hit f8 it gives us the boot menu thingy.

like i now can see xp by mr m$ and his pirates is not user freindly as win 98 was.

no wher does it say safe mode or any reference to safe mode.



no matter what or how amany times i hit f8 there is no way this xp will go to safe mode when f8 is activated it instantly says <loading boot screen>

then i get that screen with options that i mentioned before.

this is xp home 12 months old version with latest updates.

on our old machine we have out of date xp pro and we can get safe mode no worries there.



OK - so do the uninstall and reinstall in nomal mode.

sounds daunting?

can we actually uninstall the card from the program?



I've set out the steps a few posts ago using Comtrol Panel and the Add/remove Software and Add/Remove Hardware functions.

So just follow that advice.

I know you're nervous but at worst you'll end up with a system that works in 640 x 480 mode and is eminently correctable with the correct re-install procedure.

I'm off to get some sleep now - so best of British and I hope in the morning to learn of your success.

I think I may be having the exact same problem, except it happened immediately upon reformatting my boss's laptop.

Could not load file or assembly 'MOM.Implementation, Version=2.0.2635.38969, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=90ba9c70f846762e' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Are we sure this is a result of an ATI card? I'll try some of your advice tomorrow when I get ahold of the laptop again (uninstalling and reinstalling both .NET and the ATI driver).

g'day suspisho,

my friend i have no doubt that if you were sitting in front of my machine you would fix it in a minute.

right now i am feeling a little out of my comfort zone. no fault of your kind help.

as i see it my options that i feel comfy with are:

1.. install the latest update version of the vid card driver i downloaded from msi took 15 minutes and is 143 meg in size! why so large i dunno?

2.. i restore back to the restore point prior to uninstalling the ati software, and delete the mom.exe file then reinstall my current driver from the cd.

i am trying to seek tech help from ati for a fix they must be aware of these problems surely? but it is all but impossible to find any tech support that is user friendly.

even went to m$ help looking for safe mode support forums and there it is all user unfriendly.


i reckon it is an ati problem because i never had a problem until i needed to download drivers for a vid card that was lent to me. integrity would dictate that ati should have a fix surely?

tia for help


here we are back again,

no luck suspisho,

there is no remove hardware function that we could find.
so we did remove software, rebooted and it asked to install new hardware, so we followed prompts and put the cd in that came for the card, it loaded that asked us whether we wanted to over write newer files or not we opted to over write this time as last time we said not to over write.

so anyway it set it all up told us the vid card was now ready to use and of course the same new problem still exists, the jerking screen when moving the picture up or down.

now that i am aware of ati and their problems i'll be asking for nvidia next time, but for now this has got to work.



I have seen a few issues with ATI applications and .NET. Its not the drivers that are written in .NET, its the other application like the control panel for ATI.

I have made a registry fix that has worked for me every time. This registry file will remove all instances of .NET from your registry.

Step 1. Uninstall all ATI software and drivers
Step 2. Uninstall All .Net installations
Step 3. Download and run this registry file and select yes when prompted
Step 4. Restart computer
Step 5. Reinstall all .Net versions
Step 6. Reinstall ATI software and drivers

Hopefully this helps you fix your ploblem. Good luck!

First, gardenlen, well done for getting to this stage. Nerve wracking it can be.

Second, I wouldn't bother with the .NET re-install now that you've got this far. This is nitty gritty between hardware and drivers, IMO. Final lap so to speak.

What is your PC configuration (incl. RAM and processor speed)?

What is jerking on vertical scroll? Everything or a particular game/application? What is the screen resolution setting in this game or application? For example, in normal Windows you may be on 1280 x 1024; in game you may be in 800 x 600.

Is horizontal scroll suffering the same?

Your system is working now and we've just got to tune things up, I hope.

g'day seanmsiegel's,

only thing m$ won't let me uninstall .net 2.2, haven't tried to unistall .net 3.0 yet, and when i unistall .net 1.1 nothing changes anyway.

g'day suspisho,

to tell you the truth i wish i had never heard of .net frameworks, nor radeon vid cards, in all my computing i have never had this sort of issue that is so seemingly difficult to fix. and the problem has spread from the x330-se loan card to our own card drivers.

i still have all 3 versions of .net installed sad to say, as all issues seem to be between .net 2.2 and the vid card drivers.

when the screen moves it is like fluid rolling jerky motion horizontally across the screen, like a delayed slower motion reaction to rolling the whell on the mouse to roll the screen is about the best way i can describe it. like a strobing action. this happens whether you use the mouse or the slide bar down the right side of the screen.

ram = 1 gig ddr 400
hddd sata-seagate 200 gig
cpu amd64-939 3200+
asus (amd9349) a8n-e nforce4 ultra
o/s = xp home

if ati aren't aware of this problem they should be and they should also then have a fix.

can i get an update driver from someplace other than the msi site? i'm not game to load that driver as it seem exhorbitantly large for the task at hand 143 meg seems a rediculous size to me?? with the trouble i'm already ahving with thier stuff i have no idea what that file might change or do?

This isn't a .NET problem. .NET would be used where ATI want to manage connexion back to their update site from their control panel and for any statistics their control software collects. Something like that.

I don't know if this will work on your card as you oresumably have the Catalyst Comntrol Centre (remember the MOM component?). But my son reminds me that a couple of years ago on his AMD based system he had a similar problem which he resolved in the Radeon Control Panal (Advanced). Direct 3D setting VSYNC to OFF. He seems to think that this solved a jerkiness problem in a game and I don't see how this would affect a non-game application using the scroll bar, but you might as well try.

Basically, something is slugging your display. I've been hunting around the ATI support site. Is your monitor and refresh rate correctly set? This link might help.

There must be no mismatch between monitor and graphics card. The Catalyst Control Centre can be used to match monitor to card. This involves a combination of resolution and refresh rate. You didn't mention your monitor nor its resolution used (what I asked for).

Anyway, stuff to be getting on with.

BTW, this sort of thing can happen with nvidia cards too.

everything worked fine for the 12+ ,omths prior to this .mom thingy tht occured with an ati driver and now that we have gotten rid of that now there is some ati conflict that won't stop even after unistall and reinstall of softwater.

is the radeon control panel easy to find?



ok i know don't have an <ati> folder in my program files?

i also only have a topic <ati driver> mentioned in the add/remove programs list but it has no size or anything else mentioned just says ati display driver.

The Radeon Control panel is usually in the bottom right hand of your task bar; or if you right click on your desktop and select properties, the control panel should appear as an option. You can get all this stuff oput of the ATI documentation.

g'day suspisho,

hoping your patience hangs in there?

ok righ click on desk top gives me:

<display properties>

with these folders:

<screen saver>

did you see my last post where i don't seem to be able to see the ati software loaded?



Just read your post that crossed over with mine. Go into the Settings option

I've been thinking about this problem. Windows can do all the scrolling in software if there is no assist from the hardware (RX1300Pro). Scrolling will be very slow.

IF that's the case, then your drivers may not be the right ones for your PC. For example, if it's a Compaq PC, it may be that you would need to load the drivers from the Compaq site.

Or, as I said before, your card may be outputting at, say 85Hz refresh rate when the maximum for your screen is, say 75Hz. Did you try the VSYNC thing I suggested earlier?

Surely the problem lies in that sort of logical area like I've listed above!

g'day suspisho,

settings are as follows:

1024X768 pixels
highest 32bit

in advanced:

general - normal size 96dpi

monitor refresh rate - use hardware default settings (this is the only option)

troubleshoot - acceleration is set on full.

i inserted the msi cd and clicked install but couldn't determine if it was doing much? task manger said it was running, how long should it run for?

on the cd there are 4 install folders.

and a drivers folder

how can i use or get help from the cd?



In Advanced there should be a tab for the ATI control panel. If that isn't there, then the ATI Radeon software isn't installed or only partially installed, I'd say. Particularly so if you're forced to the default refresh rate which I'll bet is the problem now.

If you've inserted the drivers / setup cd for the RX1300Pro, you should be able to run Setup.Exe and let it install the software.

ok with you suspisho,

currently i would say the drivers didn't reload when i last did that uninstall and then find hardware process.

so how long should setup rub for?

but also i did have this problem before the last uninstall we did, and that was when the ati was seemingly properly loaded.

but for now if you can help through the install then we will see what happens thereafter.



Jusrt run Setup.exe from the CD and let it run. Answer OK to everything unless it reports a problem.

ok suspisho,

success at alst woopee.

ok silly disc!!?? the setup on the first part of the disc does nothing why i dunno, these folk who write these things maybe should try them, that is the auto run side of it as well does nought.

anyway i went in and selected the system appropriate driver setup from the driver folder and hey presto after some setting tweeking all is good.

the refresh rate for the monitor is set at 62hz, with other options of higher ratings.

a big thank you suspisho but also the oterh imputs that may have led to a fix, this site will be my first port of call from now on one other site i got ignored dunno why.


Glad you're sorted. It's rarely easy to diagnose instantly from a distance and all the install shit you have to go through is daunting.

It also took a while to diagnose the fact that Windows was directly driving your monitor instead of the ATI drivers.

Incidentally, 62Hz is pretty poor refresh rate. I'd choose the highest one reported available for your monitor.

Best wishes

thanks suspisho,

will go and up the refresh rate.

yep not easy but success.

you take care now


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