I have recently been having some odd problems with Windows. It is happening on two different computers, so I suspect a problem with Windows itself, rather than the installation or the computer.

Here is what happens:
Create a new user on the computer - Control Panel | User Accounts | Create a new account. The newly created user account then shows up when I select "Switch User". However, it shows up with what I assume is the default picture.
When I try to put a different picture in I get a message that says "Automation server can't create object." What is the problem, and what is the solution?

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If you google this string (with quote marks), there's a lot of stuff and suggested solutions:

"automation server can't create object" user account

It's no good me spouting off on this as these quirks are not common. Or did you already google the problem and tried the suggestions?


bobbyraw: I am getting notifications whenever there are updates for Windows. I then apply the updates as I am notified. So I think I am keeping my Windows up to date. It is really odd that it must have worked once, but now it doesn't.

Suspicio: yep! I've googled the message and discovered that the same message occurs in several different scenarios. I'm currently working my way through the google hits. So far I've tried a few of the suggestions, but nothing has worked yet.

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