almost agree with you :) freedom of choice ;)

It's good that we almost agree on something;).As I said, I tried a demo of the tool you're talking about some time ago cause I wanted to convert some video files to 3gp, but this wasn't among the output formats I decided to look on further to find another converter.That's why I choose Tunebite.

Sorry but what program do you use? Which version? I can`t found features of your program

Well my upper floor friend :D, as I said I'm using Tunebite..But I'm pretty sure that if you google just a bit you can't miss the infos about it or maybe about its features...If not I offering to help you;)

I understand you use this prog. I mean which version or type or smth like that. I don`t know how it may exactly sound :)
If you don`t mind please give me an information I have already asked.

Well ok, ok I don't mind.I'm using tunebite platinum, it converts both audio and video files.

Maybe, but as I said before, everyone's entitled to its own opinion and should choose whatever it suits him.I like to use this one, you use that one and a bunch of other people use other similar softs, right?

yup :)

I got Tunebite 2 weeks ago, but I have a problem with it, I guess, after conversion there is a delay between video and audio. And I don't know what to do, is Tunebite or me???

i had a several problems with Tunebite and tried several settings but couldn't fix the problem.

so maybe should right to support or change your converter

I had the same problem with tunebite, but I managed to solve it with the help of the support guys, I had to disable crossfade playback from edit. You should ask on their website and they'll help you cause I think that you aren't the only guy with this problem. i have Tunebite for about 1 year now and except this delay problem I never had other problems with it.

Thanks, but I prefer to use MelodyCan.

Good luck :)

Timby, I solved my problem, I asked the support guys and you're right, I had to disable crossfade playback from edit. Thanx

It's good to know that they offer good support for tunebite.It worked fine for me until now but it's good to know that you can get good help when you need it.

found out MelodyCan supports x64

not bad....

commented: Enough shill spam already. Pathetic. -3

New version of Tunebite out, if anyone is interested.Has some new interesting features.

I saw the latest version but I didn't try it yet, but I saw that it can now download music from internet, from youtube and other sites, have you tried it??? If it works how it worked so far I'm thinking of getting it :D

Well yeah, used it to download a couple of videos off youtube.Works great, esp like the quality of the files I got.

Yeah, good quality and another nice point is its high speed.

Yeah, for me this new version was quite a nice surprise, especially those new features for recording music from social web radios and videos from video portals.

I was wondering something about that new function of tunebite for downloading web video.can I,let's say for example from youtube,set it to download only the audio from a certain video?

ahem..rapidshare links?ohh ain't that cute...

I think freeware is enough, you can try ffmpeg.

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