I thought I was a little computer literate and this one stumped me! On one of my machines I cannot see anything I type in the address bar. It goes to the web site I type in and It searches for whatever I type in to search, but I cannot see what I am typing. I just have to assume I am typing in the right info. Can you help?

Iternet Explorer, But Its Not Just The Internet Its Also On Any Windows Applications Such As Changing The Display Properties Or Any Drop Down Arrow It Has The Info There But It Will Not Display Them Until My Cursor Is Directly On It To Select It. It Is The Weirdest Thing Ive Seen.

Play around with some of your settings in the control panel. It might be a problem with the mouse blinker. Make it no blinker. Just play around with it.

I Still Have No Idea What To Look For. I've Looked In The Control Panel, The Display Props, And The Mouse Props. I've Tried To Investigate On The Net Any Viruses Or Trojans That Would Have This Affect, But Still Nothing. You Guys Are My Only Hope!! I Hope I'm Spelling Correctly Cause I Cannot See What I Am Typing.

You are certain the fonts are not removed? (start, settings, control panel, appearance and themes, fonts [under XP]).

You can also try opening internet options (tools, internet options), then click on the colors button, and make sure that "use windows colors" is checked..

Thank you, It wasn't the font but the scheme was changed to an unknown scheme and once I put it to Windows classic the type came back. Thank you for the help!