I had sent an e-mail message back on September 19, 2007. The message had been bcc'd to 15 recipients. Since that date the recipients have recieved the same e-mail message at least 8 times. Where should I look for? Where the problem might be? Has anybody had a similar experience?

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Hi Kalogera,

With problems like that, it's best to go along the chain of components one at a time and check each out.

1st Component - email client
What program did you use to write the email message?
Assuming it's Outlook or Outlook Express, open it up and see if the message is still in your Outbox. If it is, it could be a problem with your server settings or a problem with the 2nd component.

2nd Component - Source Mail Server
Who provides your email service? Probably best to ask them about the problem. They'll know what your mail server settings should be so they can help you check that, but it could be a mail server configuration problem, which isn't something you can fix.

The next component is the destination mail server. If the recipients are using different mail providers, than this probably isn't the issue. If they are all using the same mail provider, it might be, but my rule of thumb is check your end first (unfortunately this doesn't seem to be a universal philosophy...).

Post if you need more clarification.

Hope that helps,

Chris Fry
Canberra, Australia


Just to add to cfry's note:

I've noticed this with large e-mails (say 1MB); what happens at the end of the transmission (in my case) is a timeout error, although the mail has gone. I reckon that Outlook has got something the wrong way round and doesn't log the fact of completed transmission when it sees the nearly simultaneous timeout (and why thathappens is a mystery to me).

The message then sits in the Outbox and is repatedly sent in the above cycle.

When I increased DSL speed, the problem disappeared.

If any of that is what you see, then there's nothing I could do about it other than hoping it's gone away with the 20 Mb speed hike (from 1Mb).


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