We have set up our Vista PC with multiple users for the family. Some of us like loads of shortcuts on the desktop, others like a clean desktop environment. Trouble is that if you delete a shortcut from one user profile, it deletes it on all of the users profiles (all logged on as user, not admin)... XP was okay, so have Microsoft gone backwards, or am I being dense?.. Can anyone help please?:-O

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that shouldn't happen. if a shortcut is deleted on one profile, it shouldn't delete it on all. maybe you should run some updtaes.

Thanks I thought that should be the case and will give it a go, but I think it is fully upto date

Make sure the icons are distributed correctly.

C:\Users\Public\Desktop\ - contains icons that are seen by all. If deleted, will be deleted for all.

C:\Users\%USER%\Desktop\ - contains icons that are only for the current user. If added/deleted, will only be added/deleted for current user.

C:\Users\Default\Desktop\ - contains icons that are added to the \%user%\desktop\ when the profile is created.

Typically I don't like to keep much in the shared desktop. I put a bunch of icons in the default desktop and let people modify them as they please. Even if you know EVERYONE on the computer is going to want a firefox icon, there's no reason for each user not to have is own copy.

PS - The same goes for the start menu (and other) folder(s) as well.

Thanks for that it must be because some of these pograms were not writen for vista so they did'nt ask what profiloes to put in the shortcuts

mm seems to have taked what i was about to say.. but yea that was the only problem.... o and xp had the same problem just so you know :)

Thanks a ton !!! Saved me hours of troubleshooting! This very old post saved my day :)

Rahul Ramesh

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