Hi, my norton subsription expired today, so i decided to look at the prices of new internet security things. MacAfee seemed really cheap atm with its offer so i chose that. I paid for it and downloaded it. I then went to install it and it said i needed to uninstall norton first. So i uninstalled norton (without restarting my computer after uninstalling) then continued to install MacAfee. It seemed to be working fine, looked as if it was going to install itself great. I then went away from the computer for a min to find it had restarted. Then when i typed in my passwork to turn the computer o, after about 5 seconds or so it restarted again. This kept happening and the time taken to restart itself again getting shorter. Now it at a stage where it goes blank before the windows loading screen appears, just after the bios and just stays blank. I cant seem to get the safe mode screen up antmore either, however i did twice and even when trying in safe mode it would go blank as soon as you click on "safe mode". I dont know what to do or have a clue why this really happened. Any response would be great!!! thx for reading!! :~)

Ouch. In my experience McAffee and Norton don't play well together. My advice isn't what you would like to hear. I suggest you back up your data anyway possible and reinstall Windows. If you have a Windows cd, you might be able to reinstall Windows over top of itself without losing data, however, it is wisest to backup if possible. If you have important info on the hdd, you can always hook it up to in a different computer and copy the data to the different pc's hdd, then put the hdd back into your system, format that puppy and install everything fresh.

thx for the replies. I'm guna have a fidle around with different methods, but in the end i guess it might come down to a good old fashion wipe ;( well thanks for the replies, much appreciated :)

Well, somehow the computer now starts up ok. I now have done a system restore and uninstalled norton successfully, however after then installing mcafee the computer seems to start restarting itself again and again. If i remove mcafee this problem stops. Any ideas?

If you don't mind losing a few bucks, I use Avast!, so far it's worked great and it's free.

After trying to install it several more times, i seem to have got it to work!! it doesnt like it if i try to back up my data through mcafee but i dont need that anyway, so thanks for all the replies, it now seems to be working fine again. Fingers crossed. :)

This is why I have stayed with AVG.