Am facing a problem with windows 2000. Each time i try to submit a long email thru yahoo or try to delete lost of messages at a time thru yahoo
or try to "submit" lot of information thru any web-site my browser window
closes as soon as i hit the delete/submit/send button.

This is not limited to yahoo the other day i was not able to buy a memory card from a web-site called "zipzoomfly" .....so i think it is some specific problem with my pc and browser.

Has anybody ever faced anything like this before.....I have i.e 6.0 service pack1...
Let me know.

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hello, I recently had the same problem you did with I.E 6.0 for some reason it just shuts down. I solved the problem by reinstalling Internet Explorer, it worked just fine.

Someitmes the problem can also be related to a pop up blocker you may have.

Hope I helped.


I tried uninstalling the google-toolbar - which had a popup blocker and tried sending a big email thru yahoo - again got the same message - it says "IE has encountered a problem and needs to close"....it trys to send some report to msn support.

First we had IE5.5 - when this problem started 3-4 days back we installed IE 6.0 yest
and the problem still exists. Before everything was fine - somebody has got anymore tips let me know....


I was going to suggest a ie repair ,i think you can do it in add/remove programs .add/remove windows components , unchek ie and i think you will be giving the option to repair it .

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