Hi all, just joined up after finding solutions in these forums before, I figure it might be able to help me here.

I'm running Comodo FW, and it's giving me repeated Medium Severity Network Monitor Activity Logs, described as:

Outbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, ICMP = PORT UNREACHABLE)
Protocol: ICMP Outgoing
Source: (My IP address, DHCP supplied)

There's also the occasional variation on this, with mild alterations such as 'Protocol = IGMP' instead of 'ICMP = PORT UNREACHABLE' (all other details the same), and another variation with all the first details but a Destination of and a Reason: 'Network Control Rule ID = 5'.

Based on the times logged, these have been arising when I try to open firefox or IE, which brings me to my problem - No internet site access whatsoever. BUT, I can easily log into MSN Messenger and am connected on my wireless network, and both my desktop and flatmate's laptop are working 100% on the same wireless network (hence how I'm typing this and asking for help). I'm at a loss here, and have no idea where to go. Any ideas? I've already tried the CWshredder, AV, AS, and Ad-Aware, to no avail.

i have the exact same issue. i am running kaspersky.

are you still getting this?