Hello i have windows xp and im doing school online now on our message boards we have people who attach files with there posts and for some reason i am the only one who can not open these attachments now if someone PMs me then i can open the attachment just not on message board ive tried saving the attachment says not recongnized even tried changing it to .doc and stuff like that still does not work i have the it help people at the school baffled to if anyone can help me that would be amazing thanx.

What internet browser do you use on your system please?

Internet explorer and its updated

On the Tools menu, choose Internet options
On the 'Security' tab, choose 'Custom Level'
Scroll down to the 'Downloads' entries, and ensure that 'File Download' is set to 'Enabled'.

Does that help?

Double post here. I've just reread your question. It's a bit convoluted. Sentence structure would help a bit ;)

Is it the message board itself which is giving trouble. If so, then finding out and telling us the name of the message board software in use would help.

sry about that i always forget to read after i write somthing and as you can see i just ramble on. Im away from home but ill find out and let you know thanx.

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