OS: Windows XP: home edition with SP2.

The problem I am having is when ever I plug in a previousy unknown thumbdrive or USB device webcam, mouse, keyboard, etc...into my USB port (logged in as administrator), Windows will detect the device but will not auto install the drivers. it will ask me if i would like windows to seach for them or seach for them manually. if i have windows seach for them it will come back with an error that no drivers were found and to manually seach for them. if i manually seach for them i can install the device just fine and if the same device is subsequently plugged in again into any port, it works fine.

why is windows not auto detecting and installing the drivers its self? its acting like how you would have to install things back in the windows 95/98 OS. i have tryed to restall SP2 thinking this might fix it but to no avail. does anyone no how to fix this or how to re-install plug-and-play with out having to reinstall windows.

also, its not some drivers, its for all the drivers i plug into the computer. i doesnt matter what i plug into the usb ports the computer will not auto recognize the drivers. everything that i am talking about are drivers that are on the computer already but it forces me to search for the drivers myself in the c:/windows/system32, i368 folder on the PC its self.

ex: if you take a usb pen driver right now and plug it into your computer your computer will install auto install the "mass hard drivers" /generic volume drivers. if i plug that same ubs pen driver into my computer it will come up with the old windows 95/98 type of "let windows seach for drivers" or "seach for drivers yourself" box... this is not what i want. i want when i plug a generic anything ie: mouse, keyboard, pen drive. for the computer to auto-install the drivers so i dont need click "search for drivers".

also, i have tryed to see if plug-and-play was turned to maunal in the services.msc but it wasnt, it is set to automatic.

sorry if I am confusing but i am looking to be able to change the manual looking for drivers to automatically install the drivers when i plug somthing into the usb port. again, these are all drivers that are already on windows, i am not pluging in some in 1960's webcam made in Madagascar that windows doesnt have the have the drivers for on the OS its self.

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My 1960s webcam from Madagascar installed first time.

Did you read this article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314634

Basically the aeticle suggests that a registry change might be needed, though why this happened in the first place may need investigating.

What did you last auto-nstall and what does the .inf file for that say? Could be it glitched the Registry.

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