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I am new to this site and I wanted to start by posting my problem. I work for a k-12 scool, and I have 40 new barebones systems. I recieved these from cyberpowerpc.com and I cannot load any OS, or mainboard drivers. We have a standard cd-rom drive, sata hard drive, and I am trying to load win xp pro. I have set up in bios the cdrom as the first boot drive, followed by the hard drive. After saving and exiting bios, I get the dreaded error, "Disk Boot Failure, instert system disk and press enter." I tried the "use optimized defaults" option, and the "load fail safe" options, and the same error hits. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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A quick update......

I flashed the bios, now I can start the OS download, but I get stuck at 20% or 0% when it formats the new drive.. Any of you have any ideas on this one??


hi, you should have not flashed the bios, try to check first if your cd-rom drive is working properly..it can be detected by the bios..but it may not be able to read the disc inside..that's why it will display Boot Failure..

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