Hey there. 2 Days ago I suddenly received a warning popup from my nod32 antivirus asking me if I want to stop the threat, quarantine etc. I clicked stop the threat and the pc shut down. Ever since, I can only successfully start it in safe mode (using it right now). When I start normally, I can login, the desktop appears, the icons are being displayed and 2 seconds later, it shuts down again.

I have no idea if the anti-virus part even does matter, just mentioning it.

Can't get it to work now. First thought its the antivirus, so I deinstalled it. It wasn't so I re-installed it, but can't get an update. so I started to download other antivirus programs, but all of them can't be instlalled in safe mode....

- anybody an idea what I could try?
- if I should run a recent antivirus.. which one can be installed in safe mode?

thanks for the support.

Windows XP SP2
Intel Core 2 2.13ghz
2 Giga Ram

I think you should read the first three posts in the Virus forum and then post a HJT log into that forum with a restatement of the problem.

Maybe you should also try a System Restore in safe mode to a day or two before you choose to stop the process.

Best regards
Tech TJ

thanks alot, this saved my day. I always forget that system restore option!!! I could restore it to right before and the problem is no more... thanks again!