Ok my problem is real simple :)

You know how when you plug your speakers/headphones/microphone into the back of your computer a little screen pops up asking you what you just plugged into your comp? ( usually i got a screen with the colored plugs picture)

Well my wife did something where she checked in that screen to not pop up anymore (basically disabling the auto-detect of something being plugged in)

Anyone know where you go to to re-enable that screen to pop up again?

Can't get my microphone to work now since she did this...i used to plug the microphone in and that screen came up with the picture of microphone and asked if i wanted to configure it etc...



On my Dell laptop (Sigmatel Audio) I found the Sigmatel icon in COntrol Panel. Clicked on it and found the invitation to enable pop-ups for the jack.

Hopefully you can do likewise with your audio system icon.

hey people, how is everyone!
actualy i'm here in this tobic as i have the same problem exactly
if anyone try to solve it and succeeded to discover the solution please tell me
thank you everyone
i'm working on windows vista home premium
DELL laptop T7200 core 2 due 2GH processor

Try un-installing and re-loading your sound drivers again.

I would like to thanks you mikeg42 as you asked about the same problem for me.
And thank you very much my best man Suspishio as you give me the perfect and right solution for the problem.
Thanks to everyone tried to help in this thread.
Hope you all better life.

Thanks to everyone tried to help in this thread.
Hope you all better life.

i guess that was you bob_180_bob,lol