Hi Guyz i'm trying to set up wireless connection on my windows 98 SE.I have a netgear router and 2 wireless adaptors one is Belkin G USB and second is Realtek wireless adaptor they both are installed properly.I've entered the the WEP key and wireless connection shows its connected to the wireless network and signal strength is 100% but i still cant get the internet working can anyone get me an answer please all help would be appreciated.Thanx

go to command line.. try typing ipconfig /all double check if you got the right settings..or try to ping a website..e.g. ping example.com or any site you want... just an idea i'm not really good on it...hope someone here could give you a more detailed answer...

how can i network boot ?
i have an old laptop having 4 gb of harddisk space n around 40 mb of ram . not having any cd drive and also the floppy drive is also not functioning well . it has windows 98 installed in it n PCMCIA in it . n on the other hand i have a desktop having 80gb of hdd space ,512mb of ram, PIV,3.01 etc.i wanna boot my laptop from network n installing windows 98 in it.how can i do so?