I have an HP desktop A1700n with Vista home premium. For the last month or so the system freezes about 2 minutes after it is turned on. It always happens and freezes for about 2-4 minutes. The only thing that is active is the cursor while it freezes. I have looked at anti-virus software, start-up processes and have talked with an HP technician. Their last recommendation was to reload the system, which I don't want to do yet. I have 1 hard drive, 2G ram and a DVD drive.

I hate the system startup freeze :(

I have seen network cards do this. You can try disabling your network card and rebooting. If that doesn't work, try going into device manager (Right click Computer > Manager > Device Manager) and expand Network Adapters. Right click on your NIC and select Uninstall and then reboot.

Vista will reinstall the NIC, but I suggest downloading the driver for your NIC before hand (just in case). If you let me know what is listed for your NIC, I will provide you with a link to download the driver :)


Does it load to the desktop completely before it freezes? Is is always 2 minutes?

Have you updated all your drivers recently? There are ones that are pretty recent.

Do you have Hijack this or autoruns?
Both good programs to see whats starting up,
my hunch is its a startup program.
But having not seen you laptop in person its just a guess

I am having this same problem. All programs running will freeze several minutes after starting up. Everything is normal for the first couple of minutes, I can open word and type several sentences and even save it.

After vista freezes, i can only move the cursor around, northing else. Can't open the task manager, the start menu, switch to other programs. I can't even shut down. Nothing works. I end up pulling the battery to reboot.

I'm trying to uninstall the network card now, but i'm guessing I'll have to reinstall vista.

If anyone knows what is going on I would greatly appreciate it.