I seem to be getting a lot of program crashes lately - either when I open one, or while I'm working. Suddenly a window opens that says "This program has stopped working. Any work you my have done will be lost" or something t tht effect. Then there is no option but to close it. Could this be virus related? I don't turn up any when I scan my hard drive.

We have to be very careful what we advise here, IMHO. It could be a Trojan, especially if therte's more to the error message like asking you to download some control or other to fix the problem.

So you're best advised to go across to the Spyware section and do what the others have done - namely to post a log of what's going on in your PC. The section will tell you what to do.

Good luck.

What Anti-Virus do you run? AVG seems to be the best Anti-Virus prog i have used, may be worth a go if you are not using it already.
Also do as Suspishio suggested and post a 'highjackthis' log. Post this in the Spyware section and you will get a better response, and hopefully a solution.

Thanks for the replies. I use AVG and Symantec and recently got rid of a trojan that kept on trying to download some software. I used smitfraud to get rid of the trojan. Then, this weekend, I got a "missing ntldr" message on startup. I found a cure for that on www.tinyempire.com, but I still get the program crashes. I'll go on over to Spyware and post a log there.