My audio suddenly won't work. I am unable to successfully install my sound card nor will the onboard drivers successfully install. I am often deleting files from the registry (spyware and such) and it is very possible that I may have deleted a file or files that are necessary for the windows audio to work. I don't have my XP cd anymore or I would simply reinstall or repair. I do, however, have available to me any of the files in windows XP via another computer so I am able to replace any needed file. My question is: Which certain missing files could be causing my audio to not work? It asks me for certain files during installation attempts such as "WDMaudio" and "ksuser.dll" etc. and I'll direct it to the file but then after it says "installation complete", I reboot only to find that it didn't install! (And one of the times I believe it did say something about a file in the registry) Anyone familiar with this?

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I think you might be right about deleting the files in the registry. You might want to try the system restore feature if you have that turned on.

see if you have it turned on:

if you do have it turned on:


If you don't then you'd most likely want to try restoring the system file and see if that gets it, you'll need to boot from the XP cd and use the repair option to get to the Recovery Console (unless it's already installed in which case you can choose the option from the boot menu that says Recovery Console). Here's a link for the procedure to copy a new system file:


Good luck.

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