Hi. I've got this issue on my Vista laptop that's been there since I got the thing about six months ago. The system clock falls behind the actual time at a silly rate, which can be up to several minutes in a session but varies sporadically. Then every so often it will synchronise with a time server and suddenly catch up. Has anyone heard of a Vista issue that could cause this behaviour, or does it seem more likely to you that it's a hardware problem? Any advice appriciated.


what happens if you go into your bios and watch the clock in there. If you can. Does this do the same.

Get your battery checked.

yer that was gonna be my point if the bios time is doin the same its a battery problem and if the comp is six months old take it back to where u got it from and they should be able to replace it on the spot cos those battiers should last for years!

Running my PC for 8 years now and the same battery is working till date.

I'll give that idea about the BIOS a try. I've got a 9 year old computer which the battery is still fine on.

yer u can sometimes get a duff one though they will normally go on for years but that wld be the main reason for your clock goin slow or a few chips on ur motherboard are a little bust. If its only six monts old it will be under waranty.

If my post helped add to my rep!

is it overclocked?

No, it's running at the out of the box speed. There is another sightly odd issue with it though. It's supposed to have 1 GB of RAM, but the BIOS shows it as having 894 MB (which is also 2 MB less than the first time I checked). I still haven't worked that one out yet.

is the clock synchronized with any world time or microsoft server check the clock properties

as for the memory reseat eache block firmyly, this happened to me recently i had 1G system show 950 i went in remove dust and reseat, bam,,,,,,1g showed up

Hi all,

I got Dell Inspiron 1501 Windows Vista Home Basic 1GB RAM, 80 gb HDD about 5 odd months old.

Problems are exact same what the OP has said. CLock time does go slow at random occasions, the memory also does show 896 mb instead of 1024 mb.

Now the clock problem is still there and not sorted as yet.

But as far as your RAM showing as 896 mb it is that 128 mb dedicated ram for graphics mate...well at least thats what i ve been told, so there u go.


Is it set to 50Hz power? I once had a laptop computer that used the power line to adjust the clock speed.

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