I'm getting red X's instead of images only on Amazon's website. The ads show up fine on Amazon but the product photos and buttons don't load. The only other website I have trouble with is Target. Everything else works fine. Images don't load when I get junk mail from Amazon, too.

I have IE, Firefox, and AOL browsers and it happens on all so it's not a browser issue. Internet options are set to load images and I've cleared the histories, cookies, etc. numerous times.

Any ideas?? Thanks.

try updating your java engine

Just tried updating Java but that didn't seem to do anything. Any other ideas? Thanks.

WHat OS are you using cos we have one other thread with same issues on Vista and one of my colleagues had it on 2000. Didnt find no solution to the issue as yet but there is a case that it happens randomly. SOmedays the images load and some they dont. What bout urs. Is it like that or are ur images not loading up constantly?


I'm using XP Pro. This is happening all the time but only on Amazon's website and Target's website. Really strange and really annoying. Thanks.

Are you using a Machine at Home or at work?

Does your connection go through a proxy?

My Company's proxy blocks some ports and sites, and other random things, also if Amazon's images in the emails are done through HTML and not attached, then the proxy would block them too.

My colleague's was at work and most likely using proxy. but then it would work fine somedays and others it d be a horse's ass to get the pix to load.


This is at work. I have a small network set up with a Small Business Server. The modem is attached to the server and all connections go from there. I don't get this problem on any other client computer on the network nor on the server itself.

Does that PC have any firewalls running differently to the rest of the PCs?

No, firewall settings seem to be the same. Also, this computer had been running fine until this problem came up on it's own. I can't trace it to any changes that were made.