in my w2k box Local Area Network which is setup for dhcp, I tried many times to change from: Obtain an IP address automatically to:
Use the following IP address and then used
IP address:
subnet mask:
Default gateway: 192.168.100
but when I hit Ok, and then go back to see it, it defaults back to Obtain an IP address automatically.

why doesn't stay with the static address which I want?

thank you

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Do you have a domain or workgroup ??

Determining how to select the IP address is pretty simple. Essentially, all you would need to do is give it any address outside of your DHCP scope. For example, let's say your DHCP scope was - This means that you have 50 IP address available to use with DHCP. So any address that falls between these two numbers (e.g., or will automatically be assigned to any client with DHCP enabled. Any of the IP addresses outside of this range can then be used as a static IP address.

Do you have a domain or workgroup ??

how can I find out what the dhcp range is, I did not set it up, it was done by my isp CD when they sent the adsl modem/router few weaks ago. now I am moving the internet access to another box "Linux" and want to change this w2k box to static ip.

when I look at the modem setup page using a browser, it says that the dhcp range is from to ...149. well, is that set up in the PC or in the modem/router?


It certainly sounds like the IP is conflicting with the DHCP range.

I would either choose an IP outside the range, like (or anything else between 1-99, 150-255).

Also your Default Gateway is wrong, (should be the router IP, which by default is This is more likely your problem.

If you want especially, and after setting your router IP correctly in default gateway, you are still unable to do so, then you could add it to the exclusion range for the DHCP, which you should be able to do on the router setup menu, under DHCP.

Also you need to add, an IP address for the DNS server, from your ISP. This can be found on the FAQ of your ISPs website I would expect, under instructions for configuring ADSL Modem / Routers. [Your DNS IP could be found in your Router no doubt, under DHCP settings, as it has to be there for it to work in the first place]

Any problems, get back to us.

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