I don't know if it is important to anyone or not, I just noticed that my reply above is a bit old... :sad: sorry. But, I did find a fix for my slow ie problem and I posted it on a new thread, if anyone is interested.

what is "i-quick search" and how do I get rid of it???


It sounds like spyware/hijackware. Have a read through the "Helping yourself" post at the top of our Security forum for information on detecting and removing the pests.

Hi all, I too seem to be having trouble with internet sites running slow and after a google search on the problem I found this site. After reading this post I decided what I need to do is download the free AVG antivirus, I went to the website hit download of the new 7.2 version waited almost 2 hours,download complete, went to run it, and a window comes up telling me the file is corrupt, and to download a fresh copy. I've tried this 3 times with the same results. Can someone help. TIA Greg

Hi Greg,

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Great information here everyone. I tried almost all of what you suggested. The final fix for me was uninstalling Norton Antivirus. I have since installed AVG and my IE browsing speed is back to where I expect it to be. Thanks a lot everyone and have a merry Christmas.

You have programs running at startup. Click Start. Run. enter "msconfig"
go to the startup tab and uncheck the items that aren't supposed to be there. This won't catch everything because some startup processes like to hide, but it is a start and should help. You also need to run a full system scan with the newest virus definitions installed.

Forget about IE. Get Mozilla ;)

click on internet options click on connections click on lan settings if there is a check mark in the box for automatically detect setting, remove the check mark. This happened to me some times windows update will add this in and it sends you in a long search to find your server hope this helps warsh79

Thanks for the reply!

I scanned for the spyware but the only think I found was a SaveNow registry entry which I of course removed. But it didn't change anything :(

It still runs slow and I don't know what the problem is!

If you can think of anything else I would be grateful.

I have a similar problem. My IE was running fine until I downloaded SP2 (sent off for the disk from microsoft). Then it started to go really slow, so I uninstalled SP2 and it seemed OK again. I reinstalled SP2 because I got annoyed at all the security downloads required, an guess what? IE running slow again. An example, a website that took firefox 0.22 seconds to download is still trying in IE 8 mins later and some items are still not fully downloaded!

I have Firefox and use it for most things as it runs fine but there are some sites where nothing else except IE will do. I am running a 3.4 gig, 1024mb new system with a 1 mb broadband connection. I have Sygate Personal firewall, Ad-aware, spybot SD, spywareblaster. I have disabled the firewall and tried without it as I also have a wireless router with built in firewall. To be honest, there is no difference between them. IE runs slow, firefox funs normally. I have also done the same with the other software, one at a time.

Since the problem, in a effort to clean up I have downloaded and used PRCview, Microsoft antispyware beta and Spyhunter. All well maintained & up to date. it seem nothing like this affecting my system.
PrcView & task manager confirm that my only apps running is IE, my system resources are at 98% free processor and under 2% of the broadband available is used.
Add/remove programs shows nothing I dont expect.
Any help gratefully received

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