I have a dell 5150 that came with windows xp already installed on the unit and everything was fine untill I got hold of a windows xp pro and installed that. I restarted the unit and did'nt like it as much so I decided to reset my computer to a earlier time to go back to my origional xp or earlier date. I really blew it because nothing will open, no icons, no nothing, only the mouse pointer, but what good is that. I Only get the welcome page, and I get a error reading that says, "memory could not be read". I click that and it just disappears. All I see is my screen saver, and if I let it set long enough my pictures I have on my unit will start and I am able to view them, you know the slide show. What the heck did and how do I fix this. Any help will be interesting I'm sure. Thank You. AZADMAN

did you install a new version of XP over the one you had running on the PC?
then you try to restore to an earlier date?
really, tell me whats wrong with this picture?

the new install would wipe out all the system files, therefore if you did not do an actual restore point there woulb be non to go back to

any way tell us this when you start the pc do you see 2 boot options? meaning you can select which instalation to start? while installing the new version of XP did you format the HDD?

No there isnt any options, I have this on another computer and thought I would get the same on this one, and I didnt format The HDD, I am in trouble huh

But yeah I did install a new pro verson over a old xp

put the cd back in and do a repair install. set your bios to boot from the cd first ( hope the cd is bootable)