Im running windows vista ulitmate and for some reason when i open internet explorer the internet explorer security box pops up and says A WEBSITE WANTS TO OPEN WEB CONTENT USING THIS PROGRAM ON YOUR COMPUTER The name is windows host process (rundll32) the publisher is microsoft windows. Then it says ALLOW or DONT ALLOW i always click on dont allow. Can some one please help me out here its driving me crazy....oh yea when i click on details it says
"c:\windows\system\gzmrotate.dll" DllVerify

to be honest mate i would trust it even though it doesnt do that with my internet explorer and i am also using vista ultimate. in my task manager i also have rundll32. rundll32 is a windows process which opens dll files. so to be honest i would risk it :D

i had a simualr problem... i'm running vista business. i went into google and typed the error message in and got a cmd to run and after that it stopped with the error messages. i would give you the cmd but i bloody don't remember it sorry.
hope it helps.