Had some computer problems, replaced M/B and processor and had another problem probably related to the M/B problem (CPU fan died, then Processor died)where I did a wndows repair and seemed to fix the problem. Now I hooked it into the network, but now while it can see everyone on the domain, no one can see it. Logs in fine. I did a network diagnosis and got several things that displayed the same message > unable to find WMI service '\\.\root\cimv2'
Should I do another windows repair or should I be able to install the WMI service by itself?
it's an intel Pentium D with WinXP sp2

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go: settings> control panel> administrative tools > services - this will open up a list of services available under the xp op sys and also shows the service status. scroll down to near bottom of list. look for wmi performance adaptor; check status. if not started then start service - highlight service, description of service and start/stop/restart options are displayed under left side of blue services (local) banner, click on start. make sure startup type is set to automatic - double click on service, change startup type to automatic, apply, exit. hope this helps


Thanks, I'll try that, kind of concerned because the firewall seems to need that too.

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