I have a HP mx 70. running MS me, with HP Scanjet 2300C and HP Deakjet 845C. My problem is I have some documents to edit..all text, no images. When I preview and accept the document under the "scan document", Editable text" sent to MS Works.it looks right. Everything is centered and the pservices and prices are listed under the headings, etc. When the document appears in work, it is a mess. All the print is on the left of the page and colums are all on one line. I have no idea what to do. Can you help?

If possible, you should invest some money on a good OCR application. Such as Abby Fine Reader or Omni Page Pro. I use Fine Reader and it does wonders when scanning any article with pics no pics does not matter, the words are always spelled correctly and in the right columns. I usually export (Save) my scans in XLM format. You can get a shareware version of fine reader HERE. I do not know its limitations (since it is a shareware version) but I will leave that up to you. There is also a bunch more shareware versions HERE. Hope this Helps.

Surely there is some setting or something I'm missing. I can't afford a special program just to make a document scan in the format that it is already written.Anyone else have any ideas? I really appreciate your help JR. Thanks, Murphy