Hi all.
I'm wondering if the following is possible. I connect to the internet through an ethernet connection using pppoe. It's a simple dial-up connection. Now i'm getting a laptop, and so i'd like to connect to the internet through a wireless connection, using this same ethernet connection at the same time. Meaning, i want to use this 1 line, to access the internet through 2 computers, in wireless and hardwired modes, at the same time.

If possible, what kind of hardware to i need to achieve this, and why? A router, a switch...?


When you say simple dial-up connection do you mean you are NOT on broadband? If you're not on broadband, sharing connection is not recommended. If you have broadband just buy suitable WiFi-router/modem; I use Belkin G+MiMo.

If your have a speed of 2.2Mbps then you are using a broadband connection. To expand into the wireless networking area, all you need to buy is a Modem Router. In your case getting your internet via the phone line you must get a modem router that is ADSL. With most wireless routers now they have Ethernet ports on the back so you can keep your current Ethernet equipment. Also you must make sure that the laptop you are getting is wireless compatible with an integrated card, or you will have to buy a laptop card or an adapter for the Modem Router.

Thanks for replies.

I've been looking at some wi-routers, and i gotta ask. I can see that i can setup the router's dial-up features for pppoe, like the user name, service name and password. But my concern is, can i set up the LAN connection too? It seems like a dumb thing to ask, but i've been looking at the documentation of Linksys WRT54G, and i can't find where it explains about configuring the LAN (ethernet) connection. It just explains how to configure the pppoe connection.

BTW, my ISP provides broadband connection through ethernet. So when i say dial-up, i mean pppoe.

once the pppoe is configured and the router is connected to the internet, all you need to make sure of on the workstations is that the router is the default gateway.

With the Netgear one i purchased recently, it had a wizard disk that required an Ethernet connection to actually make the wireless part of the router work! So there is normally a wizard on the CD that is provided, or in the manual online or in paper format.

normally? I've set up hundreds, if not thousands of routers, and never saw a CD

It depends where you get them from, you may get all the business routers which don't have a CD, because they trust that the people they sell them too know what they are doing! The thing i got was a Network starter pack so as you would expect it's a case of do what the CD says when it says :D
It said on mine that it will take between 20 & 30 minutes to complete, it took me around 5 :P But the CD basically did it for you.

maybe it's a new tendency, should be a simple enough VB script setting everything automatically