i am having problems with accessing the internet with my laptop through an unspecified lan card as soon as i change it for a belkin usb adaptor it works fine i have tried other wireless cards ( netgear ) but that didnt work either sometimes it does connect but really slowly upto 10 mins i have another laptop which has the same card which is fine which is accessing the same router please help spent hours trying to solve problem. the laptop does connect to the network just wont open web pages.


When it's unable to open webpages are you still able to ping web addresses via command prompt?

And if you look in Device Manager (if you're using Window$) is there an icon or a question mark next to it as a question mark will usually mean a driver problem.

Lastly, if you can't access web pages at all - have you checked the router? As it will often give this sort of response if the router is set up with encryption and either your laptop doesn't have the key or the key is wrong.

Darren :cool:

It could be a flakey PCMCIA port. Does the unspecified card work in your other laptop?