Hello I have a D link wireless router connected to my laptop model dwl 915. I just changed over from cable to dsl. My problem is that the connection will all of a sudden come and go at times. I was wondering if this is normal if not what should I do to fix this problem. My signal quite often will flutuate from low to very good. To having no signal at all. Thx for the help in advance.

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Other electrical transmissions in the area can affect your wireless connection. Anytime signal strength gets under about 40% you're heading for trouble. It's all dependent on how your house was built and other factors out of your control. In large houses I frequently have to install two wireless access points and bridge them with cable to allow people to move throughout the house uninterupted. I suggest you try changing the transmission band from the default 6 to something else like 11, try a couple different ones accross the spectrum if necessary. Sometimes you can find one with less interference.

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