I have a problem, my DSL router shows the "wireless" light and sometimes it doesn't. I connect my desktop to the router via usb but a laptop downstairs connects to it wirelessly. My problem is that i recently purchased a new desktop for another room in my house, and it can't connect wirelessly like the laptoop can. The new desktop is running xp and when I scan for wireless networks, it doesn't show any, but the laptop shows 6 (neighbors, offices, etc.) Any advice on how I can get my DSL router to permanently send out a signal, or how to get my desktop to successfuly scan for networks?

If your laptop can connect to the wireless router all the time then the problem probably isn't with your router. You might take the laptop to the same room as the desktop that you are getting a good signal in the room. If that is the case, then the issue is probably in your desktop wireless card.

Make sure the card is enabled by looking in the network applet in the control panel, and if the wireless card has an external antenna attached make sure it is properly connected.

Thats about all I can suggest without knowing more about the problem.

Good Luck

jmm123 is spot on. There are dead spots in every house. The acid test is to take the laptop to the router's room and work the problem out from there.

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