I have a network configured as follows ...
- Incoming DSL Internet connection via modem - Modem wired to a Linksys router - Router(1) wired to a DLink switch - a second Linksys (wireless) router(2) wired to the same Dlink switch.

The prob ...
Router(1) is not recognizing the Router(2) on the LAN. So the wireless device using Router(2) to connect to the internet is not accessing the internet.

Any suggestions or solutions out there?
Thanks loads.

Set the default gateway of the second router to the IP address of the first. If both are using the same subnet and IP range ( for example) you might need to change subnet settings too.

Thanks for this suggestion brundle. I'd like to do this but I don't see how to make that setting with the linksys router(2) . Here's the deal ....
The linksys router only has options to get the internet connection through Auto configure (dhcp), PPPoe, Cable , and a couple of other protocols. There is the option to connect using a static IP address but it demands that you put in both the ip address and gateway address and they cannot be the same. I don't see a way to give router(1) both an ip address & gateway address.
Suggestions on where I go from here?

Is linksys1 connected to other devices in addition to the switch? Is it a managed switch with DHCP? Is it feasible to arrange static IPs for the devices connected to Linksys1 and the switch?
If not, what happens if you set Linksys2 gateway to Linksys1's IP address (whatever it has assigned via DHCP) and Linksys2 IP address to some other number, for example? That second IP address would be the gateway address for your wireless client(s). The numbers stated are easily subnetted too, if that option exists.

Well I see you detail that the Linksys WIFI router only can auto detect the gateway. This is not the case unless you are using a modell that way out of date. When posting it is important to note the following: Operationg system xp vista win98 mac etc.
NEXT the models of routers, gateway etc.
But a quick fix may be this.. how about about just pluging in each to the gateway router ? In other words the daisy chain of modem, router, router of course will defeat auto dhcp. Why not connect he WIFI router to the modem, then the switch to the wifi router ? I have done this in the past and worked fine with DSL. Now here is the rub..DO YOU HAVE CABLE INTERNET ? Yes, cable companies do not like you to share more than one computer on the network !!! They want you to buy a wifi or other router from them and pay a little more per month.. So, please tell us the internet provider name and type DSL, CABLE, SATELLITE, DIAL UP.... what do you have? This data is most important to propely diag and configure your network. Please supply a little more info asap.

Hmm.... I see Daniweb for all its spouting of how great they are forgot to tell me no spell checker in this forum. Sorry about the spelling but you get the drift.. modem, wifi router, then the switch, then your desktop.. if you have DSL may just work auto detect DHCP and go.. if not please supply the makes, models, providers, etc