Hello ppl ...
i've recently started studying about uncapping cable modem .... I've understood how to do it ... i mean ... i know the procedure .... and i also have all the required tools with me ....
but the problem is , am not able to make out how to use those tools ....
I hav QUERY.EXE , Docsis & SNMPWALK Tool .... But .... am not able to make out how to use thses tools ...

I have a video tutorial tht shows us how to use solarwinds SNMP ...
but .... Unfortunately , am not able to find tht software ....

So .. If u guys help me , i would really be thankful to u .
Pls try & help me out with this problem ..
Thanx a lot .

Pls mail me the reply to this thread as i have posted this thred in many of the forums & it would be time consumig for me to kepp checking all the forums everyday for the reply .
So ... kindly reply to this adress :: wasting_love2@yahoo.com
Thanking u once again .
Take Care .

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First off, NEVER post a full email address on a forum, it will take longer to sort out the spam you're going to get from crawlers than you'll save by posting it. Next time just set the forum settings to email you when you get a reply.

I would really recommend against uncapping your modem. It will void your contract with your ISP that could result in a lifetime ban (rare) but at the very least it invalidates your privacy policy so they can monitor and use your information however they want. A friend of mine at comcast used to sit and watch the URL traffic on capped modems for fun.

If you are set on uncapping you need to make sure your modem is compatible with the tools you're using. The last time I looked into it the process was different depending on your modem, so I would suggest googling a search string like "uncap (brand) (model) tutorial" for detailed directions.

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