Hi all and thank u guys for a good service :)

My netgear logs into the net and is up and running yet I can't goto explorer and use it. Just now to get on the net im using my aol software with email function. It was working before and I would turn on my computer and press explorer and it would work and have instant internet but it changes all the time. Do you think i have a virus because im sure i clicked a bad link or are my settings all wrong. Why would it change from explorer allowed to not. (o and when i press explorer when in aol software it also doesnt work forgot to type that)

I hope you can help me because im lost on this one.


hi mate, there's a whole host of things it could be, it sounds like your setup is similar to mine; so when you access your router next try checking your settings, as you shouldn't need to use the AOL software, check the settings on any firewalls you may have as well as any netnanny software, it also wouldn't hurt to do a virus scan, hope this helps

Sounds like you may be having DNS or socket issues. I assume you are running winXP.
try IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS from cmd prompt.

also try to ping a website like google.com with all firewalls off (even AOL). to test for basic connectivity from OS (you) to remote host (them).

last, if you have NO firewalls running and you can ping things left and right, it's time to run lspfix and then (last ditch effort) reinstall AOL.