--The Story--
I recently setup a basic network for a friend, soon they wanted there wireless for the laptops.

There ISP what is sbcglobal showed me how to set it up. Im not new to networking, but wireless is still forign to me. :\ Nonetheless. I eventualy got them online with the wireless connection. Yay party time right?
no! Put the shotglasses away we still got work to do.

Aparntly once I got them online I didnt see any major issue. Nor did I stick around. But aparntly the next day they are telling me that the problem is. It keeps disconnecting. Just the laptop with the wireless..

--Information I have gatherd to this point--
The signal is aparntly "Very strong" And its a 2wire wireless card and router. Every time it disconects windows has a little icon on the right that has an option to reconnect and it works fine and dandy... so what wonders if its the connection managing to be inturupted... the 2wire network card is bad..... or what. I'm not sure. but your help is VERY Apreicated

*No animals were harmed in this post though the english language was slaughterd horribly by my spelling and grammar :eek: *

I have had similar issues with SBC and laptops. I have not found the fix yet but I have seen that cell phones and other wireless equipment can interfere with the connection