Hello, I'm the son of a small business owner, and I only know computing basics, but I've got a real headache on this. I have a DSL line coming in to a router, with a crossover cable connecting to a switch. The server and DSL enter the router, while the 4 workstations all run through the switch. The server and workstations are all functional, so those connections are working, and I've unplugged the DSL from the router and into my laptop, and that's how I'm typing this, so everything on that side of the connection is working. With all the connections working, it would seem like a settings issue, andI don't know where to begin with that. Thank you for your help.

Why do you have a crossover cable between the router and the switch? That should be a normal ethernet cable.

A crossover cable forms a network between devices like two computers' ethernet adapters. You're basically connecting transmit to receive. In a switch, hub or router, this function is carried out already, so you don't need crossovers.