I know c and c++ programing langauges and have learned TCP/IP theory.

I want to learn much about networking and gain practical knowledge so that I can attend the interviews confidently. I want to learn how routing algorithms are implemnted and like to know, if any networking tools or simulators are availble.

Can any one suggest me where to start and what to learn, to start my carrier in networking side?

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Hey Anupkumar!

Not sure about the simulators, but you can do some research on OSPF, EIGRP, BGB, and IS-IS as these are the most common routing protocols used today.

There are many simulators out there, but I wouldn't recommend spending any money on them. If you're serious about it, search ebay for a cisco 2600 router and start building your own test lab. I've worked with a couple of simulators, and only one worth anything was actually free from Cisco. Unfortunately the only way to obtain it (that I know of) is to be a member of the Cisco Networking Academy. It's called PacketTracer.

If you need anymore information just reply to this... hope it helped.

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