Hello, I`m having a bit of a problem on my laptop (I`m using a different computer to write this). I Completely rebooted the computer so it would be fresh and fast agian, but now I can't seem to connect the internet. I am at a constant 400.0 Mbps, status is connected. I have a router going to both computers so its not the router (or else this comp wouldn't work).
Here's a list of what I tried so far.

-uninstall reinstall tcp/ip.
-winsock fix
-set up a new connection
-tried to install drivers to make the "?" go away beside ethernet/network controllers.
-changed wires from router.
-ip config /all
-repair the connection (says, "failed to query TCP/IP settings of the connection")
-tried a fix in CMD ip reset all etc.

So as you can see I'm desperate. I tried downloading drivers for the computer off toshibas website but under device manager it still doesn't recognize an ethernet or network controller.

Under +IEEE 1394 Bus host controllers
-Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller
Under +Network Adapters
-1394 Net Adapter

I dont think either of those things will help me connect to the internet. My computer specs are as fallows:

Toshiba Satellite A100-PSAA8C-0FH00E
I've installed the Lan driver which is supposed to be for my system from the toshiba
site(lan-xp-56213042005.zip) (2.31 MB) But still no recognized ethernet/network controllers, please, any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance to any1 who at least took the time to read this.


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It may be that there is an IRQ conflict.
You may want to remove (uninstall) the errant device in Device Manager.
After removal - restart.
After restart open the Device Manager and update the Driver.
You may have to browse for the driver(s).
This would be in the folder where you unzipped the driver(s)- or if it is a *.exe after unzipping, then proceed with the installation as directed.
Then restart.
Hopefully,this will do the trick.


Thanks for the quick reply I wish I could have got back to you sooner but I've been crazy busy with school.
I tried what you said but when I restard the Computer it says new hardware found and even if I say no to installing it, or dont even answer at all, it still says both the "Ethernet Controller" and "Network Controller" are both still there in the Device manager settings...
I`m going to keep toying around with some things if you got any other suggestions toss them this way I appreciate all the help I can get.

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