Ok well i am a noob so bear with me. i am starting to host my site on my home server (MS 2003). i have optonline which blocks port 80 so i set it up as a dns server, so i can host my website and get my email as well. i set up two namesservers. go daddy told me i had to set up hosts first. is this what link my ip with my domain name?. i am a little confused.... the website is eddieelmi.com.


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DNS servers operate on port 53, and have no relation to your WEB/Mail accounts other than DNS is what converts your domain into ip addresses, so the traffic knows where to go.


Now what I would recommend is setting up your DNS servers to point locally, and changing the port of the webserver to listen on port 8080 or another port that is not blocked from your provider.

how do i set up my dns server to point locally?

can you calrify that a bit? If you mean how do you get your Domain to point to your ip for the DNS Server, this would be done through the registrar, first you would have to register your ips as nameservers, then get them to point the DNS For your domain there, now if you are refering to just moving the domain to your ip address on your server, this can be done via an 'A' record through the DNS Server.

I believe you can get online where your domain is bought and edit the DNS info their and have it link to your machine, just know the ip's and have the proper ports open!

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