Okay, glad i could get on here, had to hijack my neighbors internet lol. I have a comcast phone/internet modem hooked up to a netgear 614 wireless router(something like that) i have a laptop and a mac, the internet doesnt work on either of them, and i know why. i on the Comcast modem there are a couple of green light spots; i dont remember all of them and its late so i dont want to wake up my girlfriend( we'll get in a fight) there are like 10 lights

Battery 1 and 2 (dont light up because its in the wall)
Phone 1 and 2 (2 doesnt light up because there is no phone in 2, i use num 1 for my phones)
Link (THIS is the problem, its constanly blinking instead of steady white, i unplugged everything multiple times but i still get the same result)
There are more to the right/below (depending the way you have it standing) but they are all lit up fine.

My phones work fine but the internet just wont work :( please help me out, here is a picture of my modem (the one on the right):


I just checked out my modem and the link light flashes. That's normal behavior.

If you're sure that the issue is the modem call comcast. They can do diagnostics form their end and tell you the status as well as provide specific trouble shooting for your set-up. If there is something wrong with the modem itself they'll fix it for free.

PS: You shouldn't bother putting the old modem in the picture, it's just going to confuse people.

yeah, i had it plugged into the mac overnight and it worked, i plugged it into the router a while ago, i may just have to wait for some stupid reason

Did it work and then stop working, or were you unable tog get it going again when you switched it from your Mac to your Router?

it wasnt working so i left it direcly plugged into my mac and it started working, then it didnt work after i plugged it in my modem, its alright now tho, i got pissed so i called comcast and they reset the connection or something thanks for the help