i just bought a cmpaq presario yesterday (new) and i dont think it has a wireless card...

i connected it with an ethernet cable to the back of my cablemodem and it works fine..

is there any kind of software i can download while im connected to the internet which would help my dektop set up the wireless connection?

please help

Your Desktop computer doesn't need a wireless just because you have a wireless router... just plug it straight into the wired port....

also... if you do get a wireless card... it will come with software to help you set it up...

now i hope we are talking about a desktop here, we are, right???


It sounds as if you have just the one computer AND your cable modem. If you want to share your internet connection (wired or wirelessly) you will need something to route your traffic for you. (Wireless router or something like that)

Your easiest approach would be just to purchase a wireless gateway and use that. If you feel really frisky, you can take a junk box and install something like IPCop on it. This will act as your 'router/firewall' for all computers on the network. You can then install a wireless card on the IPCop box and set up your 'Blue' interface to act as your WAP (Wireless Access Point)
OR you can do a combination of both - BUY a WAP (cheaper than a router) and use the IPCop box in conjunction with your WAP.

But in a nutshell, yes. You will need an intermediate device to - 1. Share your internet connection. 2. Make it available to wireless users.
Hope this helps some