I am running Windows XP.
My internet is MTA.
I cannot figure out how to make a connection to my internet.

So I reformatted my computer, and now I cannot figure out how to connect to my internet. It was working before. All other computers (there are 3) are connected via a LAN connection. I assume this is what I must connect to, but cannot figure out how to do it at all. I've been through the Setup Wizard too many times to count, and cannot figure out how to make it work, and there is no LAN option in the setup wizard.

Help would be absolutely wonderful, and any questions you need answered in order to help me, too.

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hey there JDsix.

this is what we need to know, plus some suggestions at the bottom to get you started.

I am in a far and foreign land, so I don't know who MTA is. what type of connection is it? ADSL? etc.

1. I need to know what your setup looks like. (there are a few ways to do it)

does the internet go from the wall into a
modem + switch/hub? or into a router?

2. do all the PC connect into the LAN device? or does one have internet and the others use it as a 'gateway' to the internet?

basically I need you to start by telling me what hardware you have, and how it connects together.

2. The next thing is, have you ever had internet through this provider, or is this a new connection?

that's probably all i need to help you, so some suggestions follow...

1. establish the internet on one computer, make sure it is going. use whatever hardware/setup CD's came with the connection and get one online. This is to ensure that you HAVE internet, THEN we can put it all together.

once you have that (if not, let us know)

If you were given settings to make your connection 'work' - like bunches of numbers and stuff, then let me have them and I will tell you where to put them If not, check here:

start-cntrlpnl-network-network connections-
right click your internet connection (dsl?)
properties- scroll to TCPIP
there will either be no numbers, or bunches of 'em. let us know. this might need to go into your switch/device. so write them down.

if you know how, plug those numbers into it, if any, then run NSW and you will have better luck.


what hardware do you have?
what kind of internet connection is it?
have you been connected to this before, or all new?

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