Currently i am looking for a Wireless router with a Desktop USB adapter or a wireless PCI card to go with the router.
What i am looking for is something under £100 (around about $200) that works well for gaming, general surfing of the internet and the occasional download of various files sizes.
What would you experts recommend for a BT 2.2Mbps connection speed.
I would be running a desktop XP Home SP2 computer and a XP pro Laptop off of this network. What would be your recommendations?
Apparently Linksys are good (according to Bennet that is)
So does anyone know of a good wireless router?

Thanks in advance


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Yeah that too, i knew i forgot summit, ADSL is how my internet comes to me.
What else other than a Linksys could i get, i hear Netgear are also not bad. But i here bad stories about Belkin.


netgear has worked good for me in the past. but i prefer linksys with custom dd-wrt firmware.


I agree with the dd-wrt, but I have had a lot of problems with Netgear in the past.

One Netgear Router I had would reboot every time i changed ANY setting!

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