First I need to say that I am new to this,
we just got a wireless - G 2.4 LINKSYS Router.
I hooked it up to my pc, problem free. I used an ethernet cable, because I had one and it sits at the same desk as the PC.
The questions I have is this, my son has a new pc and I need to hook his PC up to the router. He has a modem connection on his PC.
Do I need to open his PC up and remove the modem and replace it with the new card that the antenna plugs into ??
Like I said earlier, I am very new to this and don't want to screw
anything up !!

Thanks for your help!

If you give us the type and model of the PC, it can help with some more specifics, but my understanding is that this is a desktop machine that needs to be hooked up to wireless. There are 2 ways to go about it:

1) Purchase an external USB Wireless Access Point and hook it up per the manufacturers instructions


2) Purchase an internal Wireless G Adapter Card. Then pull out your toolbelt and install it in the machine.

Unless you don't have enough slots or whatnot, I see no reason to remove the modem. But if you're short on available space in the PC, go for it! Of course, option number 1 is always there if you are hesitant about working in the computer itself. :cheesy: