Hi, i just got a new line installed for bulldog broadband, and bought a ART514cx router. i am trying to set up the router so i can surf, but am having no luck.
i have been given in the manual this ip add http:\\ (for the router) which when i type in on I.E & it comes up with page cannot be displayed. i have read though loads of posts and have tried a few things but nothing works!!! can someone please give me some ideas on what to do...
im running XP home, and i have tried connecting the router via USB 1 and through the ethernet port, and no luck on both...
will appreciate anyone's help..

well is the set up all correct, some times a user may mistake the config.. do you have a camera? If so take a picture of the set up. To show me. The cable fromt he wall should enter your Modem, then the modem to the LAN port on the router, then from port 4 a cat 5e shall run in to the PC. Remember to leave the modem set up for two minutes then plug in the router and wait when it receives activity boot up the PC, your good to go.