I would like to set up a network drive for a group of staff. The previous network administrator did this by creating a 'Group' object so that everybody "attached" to a particular group has read/write access to a particular shared folder on the server (which is automatically mapped when they log in). I just can't work out how to do this. I can create Groups.... no problem, but how do I then allow the users of this Group to have access to a shared folder which is mapped when they log in?

Thank you for anyone who can assist with this!


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NetWare 6.5 was released in August 2003. Some of the new features in this version were:
more open-source products such as PHP, MySQL and OpenSSH
a port of the Bash shell and a lot of traditional Unix utilities such as wget, grep, awk and sed to provide additional capabilities for scripting
iSCSI support (both target and initiator)
Virtual Office - an "out of the box" web portal for end users providing access to e-mail, personal file storage, company address book, etc.
Domain controller functionality
Universal password
DirXML Starter Pack - synchronization of user accounts with another eDirectory tree, a Windows NT domain or Active Directory.
exteNd Application Server - a J2EE 1.3-compatible application server

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