I would like to set up a network drive for a group of staff. The previous network administrator did this by creating a 'Group' object so that everybody "attached" to a particular group has read/write access to a particular shared folder on the server (which is automatically mapped when they log in). I just can't work out how to do this. I can create Groups.... no problem, but how do I then allow the users of this Group to have access to a shared folder which is mapped when they log in?

Thank you for anyone who can assist with this!


NetWare 6.5 was released in August 2003. Some of the new features in this version were:
more open-source products such as PHP, MySQL and OpenSSH
a port of the Bash shell and a lot of traditional Unix utilities such as wget, grep, awk and sed to provide additional capabilities for scripting
iSCSI support (both target and initiator)
Virtual Office - an "out of the box" web portal for end users providing access to e-mail, personal file storage, company address book, etc.
Domain controller functionality
Universal password
DirXML Starter Pack - synchronization of user accounts with another eDirectory tree, a Windows NT domain or Active Directory.
exteNd Application Server - a J2EE 1.3-compatible application server