Running Vista, all was well with both ethernet and wireless connections to the internet but now I find I am still connected to my home network but can't get to the internet at all. All other computers in the house are fine and connected. Have tried everything including disabling any firewall altogether and running numerous antivirus utilities. All other functionality on the laptop is just fine. One vista dialog box suggested that there has to be some other firewall activated between my laptop and the router. I went to the local Starbucks and could see the router there as well but same blockage to the internet. Any Ideas. Very frustrated. Peter
PS I have been travelling and accessing public networks all over the place so could be a virus that got through but what utility is the strongest for removing such threats??

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Hey pbirks,
My daughter's Vista machine did that once until we realized there's an inconveniently-placed button on the casing that turns the wireless card off. Thus a connection to the network at home but no internet! Check for such a button, it that's it, an easy fix... zeroth


Yeah fortunately the Vaio has that switch right up front near the on/off button so can;t miss it. Thanks for the suggestion anyhow. I am still struggling with what this could be,,,I have reset absolutely everything. Got to be something deep in the registry or similar. Peter

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