First let me describe my system in place...

In the office I have two networks.
6 - Wired workstations connected to a wired Linksys RV082
1 - Wired Cisco SR2016 Switch attached to the RV082
6 - Wired Workstations connected to the SR2016 switch

The wired network works fine as its own entity.

1 - Linksys WRT350N Router with dd-wrt firmware installed
2 - Linsksy WRT310N Routers with dd-wrt firmware installed
*The wireless routers are all connected trough WDS - wireless distribution service, and their DHCP servers are disabled.

The wireless network works fine as its own entity.


The problem is the internet and server are connected to the wired network. I need my wired and wireless networks to share traffic and work together. However whenever I connect the wireless network to the wired network the wired network freezes.

What are some possible solutions to this hangup? I am failing to understand what is creating the confusion between the equipment.

Thank you very much.

Do you have the WRT350N connected to the lan or wan port?

I would think the msot likely problem is in the IP assignment conflicts. I would try connecting the three wireless routers AND the switch directly to the RV082. Disable DHCP on them so they'll function as switches, and then run all of the hardwired systems directly to the cisco.