Okay, I have 2 PC's(XP Pro) connected to a switch by way of a NIC on each machine. Currently I'm running an ICS setup with my cable modem(Moto Surfboard modem) connected by USB to the ICS computer. So instead of using windows ICS, I'm trying to use the Cisco 2514 router instead. I'm just starting to study for my CCNA and my instructor indicated this would be a good, cheap router to practice on and could still be useful for a router on a home network. However, I'm starting to question this statement.

The 2514 has only 2 RJ-45 ports(1 aux, 1 console), 2 aui ports, and 2 strange looking serial ports. It seems that a modem can be connected to the aux RJ-45, but the console port is only for router config? Do I have to get adapters for the aui ports? I know I should have the router connected to the switch along with the 2 host machines and then the router connects to the cable modem. But I'm at a loss on which ports I can use.

Thanks in advance...