Just got my broadband package there yesterday, and installing everything etc, and for some reason my pc aint picking up my modem. It is telling me that there is no signal.
I have tried to unistall and reinstall the modem
I have run spyware to make sure that there is none on my pc to stop it from picking up the modem.
My modem is a Bt voyager 105.
I am with Aol, i have rung their help lines, and they cant help me at all
My modem has only one ligtht on it, the power light, but the DSL light started to flash there, and it said it was in training... but it has stopped now.

Any ideas


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- Is the PC connected directly to the modem, or are you going through a router?

- If the PC is directly connected, is it an Ethernet connection or USB?


It is telling me that there is no signal

What exactly is telling you there's no signal; the configuration software that your ISP sent you, or some other utility? What is the exact message you're getting?

- The modem should have an indicator light labelled "LAN", "Ethernet", or somesuch. Have you ever seen that light illuminated?

- You say the modem's "DSL" light stopped flashing. Is it now lit solidly (a good thing), or has it turned off (a bad thing)?

- Have you tried connecting the PC and modem with a different cable?

I am on Aol silver, and i am connecting the modem directly to the computer via the usb port.

On the two arrows in the cornor of the screen, when i put my mouse over it, it says 'No Signal'
The computer just wont pick up the modem either, for when i go to search for the modem, it will just pick up the 56k modem.
The dsl light on the modem, is not on all the time, it flickers, it wont stay on for more that 2 secs at a time.
The modem iis not faulty, as i have pluged the modem into my friends computer, and it works fine.

I just cant understand why the computer is not picking up the modem.....

Unfortunately, USB cable/DSL modems as a whole can be a bit of a pain, and I've definitely found modems which use CAT5 Ethernet interfaces to be much less problematic. I don't think your model of modem has an Ethernet connection, but if it does, try connecting your computer to it that way instead of via USB (you may need to run the modem's install software again in the process).

I can only connect my modem via an usb, still no luck :(

Hello there
Just to let you all know that i got a BT engineer out there this morning to look at my phone line and i was informed that my house is out of limits and there he told me to contact my ISP, AOL, to get other means of connecting to broadband, so i did and basically AOL told me that there was no other means of connecting to AOL Broadband, so basically i am stuck with slow Dial up connection. Also the thing that annoys me is that my excange has been updated for the use of Broadband, and AOL took my order for Broadband and kept fogging me off on the phone telling me to ring them back in 24 hours if my broadband was still not working.
So as you can tell that yes, i am stuck with chitty dial up connection speed of 25.7.
Also by some dat in 2005 everyone in N.Ireland should be able to recieve broadband, and i still cant recieve it, even though my exchnage has been updated! :(

i was informed that my house is out of limits

Groan... that's a bummer. I had the same problem when DSL was first rolled out in my area; even though I was just barely beyond the limit, they told me it was a no-go.

Unfortunately, until they decide to stick a mini-DSLAM somewhere between you and the central office, you're stuck. It took our local provider more than 4 years to get around to doing so. :(

Luckily though, digital cable rolled out well before that... :)

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