Researching one idea about 802.11 stuff has taught me a bit. I encountered a school of thought that says 802.16 is on its way in to replace the other standard.

I read a little about it and have my doubts - is anyone currently working with this standard and have some real world thoughts on whether or not it's coming in? I'm no trend setter and no trend predicter.

Will 802.16 be like laser disks (remember the three months those were hot stuff?) or will 802.16 be like DVD's (a more lasting movie media)? Being that close to microwaves (from what I hear), how safe can it be....

New like me to the numbers? Google search wimax and your first several results will give you a clue as to the 50/50 split on opinion.

802.16 can´t catch 802.11, in my opinion. We´ll have another standard before that happens. 802.1x has too many problems in the standard, for example, the security built into it are obsolete and to really have a secure wireless network these days, you have to add-on too many features.